Margarines and spreads can help you achieving a balanced fat intake: a scientific article

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screen rticleThe study of dietary fat consumption and its resultant effects on human health has been one of the most investigated topics in the field of human nutrition. Based on the results obtained from such studies, specific dietary recommendations on fat intake (both in terms of quantity and quality) have been established by health organizations around the globe.

Among the various food industry sectors, the margarine manufacturers have also responded to these guidelines and now offer improved formulations with a desirable balance of fat contents and fat types.

This very comprehensive article provides an overview on how these modern margarines can contribute towards reaching the dietary guidelines relating to fat intake. In particular, the dietary recommendations with respect to the specific fatty acid types are comprehensively detailed. The role of modern margarines in providing balanced fat types (more polyunsaturated fats, less saturated fats and a near-complete absence of trans fats) in the daily diet is also emphasised.

You can read the full article here.

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