IFMA is the International Federation of Margarine Associations.

IFMA’s mission is to:

  • Help protect the industry reputation in case of media issues with broader relevance e.g. towards policy-makers and regulators, consumers and other stakeholders;
  • Enable the exchange of information between national associations and companies at a technical or legislative level;
  • Represent the interests of the margarine and spreads industry at international level; IFMA has Codex observer status and participates in the standardization work of the FAO Codex Alimentarius;
  • Promote the industry’s common interests on non-competitive issues, i.e. lobby for a regulatory framework at international level that responds to the needs of the margarine manufacturers.

Its current members are:

VOIC – Vegetable Oil Industry of Canada (Canada)
IMACE (Europe)
Japan Margarine, Shortening & Lard Industries Association (Japan)
 MIL – Margarine Industries Ltd. (Mauritius)
Taiwan Margarine Industries Association (Taiwan)
MUMSAD – Culinary Products & Margarine Industrialists Association (Turkey)
NAMM – National Association of Margarine Manufacturers (NAMM)

IFMA’s current President is Mr. Philippe Thiry (Aigremont); the current Secretary General is Mrs. Siska Pottie.