IFMA welcomes Canadian new Member, VOIC

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The International Federation of Margarine Manufacturers (IFMA) is proud to announce Canada’s new membership. VOIC and its margarine manufacturers members (Vegetable Oil Industry of Canada) become IFMA’s 18th Member.

VOIC INC. is a national not-for-profit industry group representing 70,000 oilseed growers across Canada, seed developers, oilseed processors and suppliers of fats and oils to the food industry, and makers of oilseed-based food products such as margarine, shortenings, cooking oil, salad dressing, mayonnaise and dessert toppings. Margarine manufacturers represented within VOIC are Bunge Canada, Margarine Golden Gate-Michca Inc. and Unilever Canada. In 2011, Canada produced 113 000 tonnes of margarine*.

Welcoming VOIC’s membership, IFMA President, Dirk Hellings, said: “We are delighted that Canada has decided to join IFMA and all our members look forward to working together with them on the representation and promotion of margarine manufacturers’ interests globally.”

You can find VOIC’s contact details online on the IFMA page.

To download the news in pdf format.

* Oil World 2012

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