ESPOAG Statement on the EP ENVI Committee Report on Palm Oil and Deforestation of Rainforests

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On March 20, 2017 the European Parliament ENVI Committee published its report on “Palm oil and deforestation of rainforests.” ESPOAG has taken a proactive stance and already committed to 100% sustainable palm oil uptake in Europe by 2020 in support of the EU objective to stop deforestation by 2030 at the latest. The Committee “notes the efforts and progress made …

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New paper confirms that replacing SAFA with PUFA reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

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All dietary fat recommendations for heart health recommend to limit the intake of saturated fat, despite several studies demonstrating no link between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease. A new paper called “Dietary Fatty acids: is it time to change the Recommendations?” discusses the evidence linking dietary fatty acids and cardiovascular disease. Three experts on dietary fat and health (Ronald Mensink …


Replace butter by vegetable fats and oils: UK and Netherlands new dietary recommendations

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In March 2016, the UK and Netherlands published an update of their food-based dietary guidelines. Each country has its own model, in which several segments represent the amount and the type of foods which are needed to have a balanced and healthy diet. Both countries explicitly highlight spreads as a good source of fat in our diet. The two countries …

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From farm to fork: Quality rapeseed in Poland

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Without quality oils, our margarines and spreads would not taste the same. Rapeseed oil is a major component of many margarines and spreads. IMACE has met with Mr Juliusz Młodecki[1], a Polish rapeseed farmer, who tells us about the key principles of rapeseed cultivation, as well as its importance in the food chain.   IMACE: Can you tell us a …

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Margarines and spreads can help you achieving a balanced fat intake: a scientific article

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The study of dietary fat consumption and its resultant effects on human health has been one of the most investigated topics in the field of human nutrition. Based on the results obtained from such studies, specific dietary recommendations on fat intake (both in terms of quantity and quality) have been established by health organizations around the globe. Among the various …

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EU Circular Economy Package: the road to food waste reduction

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On December 2, 2015, the Commission launched its Circular Economy Package. Contrary to an old proposal which tackled only waste reduction, this new Package covers the full economic cycle. The Commission considers the Circular economy to offer “an opportunity to reinvent our economy, making it more sustainable and competitive”. This new proposal now needs to be agreed by the European …

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Spread margarine on your bread instead of butter, say the Dutch dietary guidelines

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The 2015 Dutch Dietary Guidelines recommend to include more plant-based foods into our diet. Not only do they help to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, they also have ecological benefits. According to the Health Council of the Netherlands, we should shift from an animal-based diet to a diet including more plant-based products. By doing so, we can improve our …

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TFA: If Commission goes for a legal limit, hydrogenation labelling must be deleted

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If the Commission decides to go forward with a legal limit on TFA content of food products, it would not be problematic for margarine producers. For more than a decade now, margarines and spreads’ TFA content is well below the level where there is a health concern. Yet, hydrogenation labelling must be deleted as it is discriminatory and with no …