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IMACE brochure on product reformulation

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Embracing scientific evidence, innovation and public health policies, margarines and vegetable oil spreads have been accompanying consumers towards an optimal and balanced fat intake. Margarines and vegetable oil spreads’ compositions have evolved over time to become the products we know today. Nowadays, compared to prior recipes, retail margarines and vegetable oil spreads have less than 2% TFA (on fat basis) They also have …


Keyfacts on margarine

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Have you seen our new factsheets? At IMACE, we are eager to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for margarine & vegetable fat spreads products. Better than a long talk, our new factsheets provide you with clear and comprenhensive information on the role of fats in the diet; the nutritional properties and multiple uses of margarine; and how it can help …

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IMACE Factsheet – Saturated fats and cardiovascular disease

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The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published a study summarizing the evidence about associations between fatty acids and coronary disease which sparked lots of debate and discussions among the nutrition scientific community. The meta-analysis conducted by R. Chowdhury & Al. indeed concluded on a lack of significant association between the major types of fatty acids, in particular saturated fatty acids, …


IMACE Factsheet – Nutritional recommendations on fatty acids

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The margarine industry is committed to the promotion of good health. This includes promoting education and awareness on nutrition. Part of our role is to spread objective information and facts about fats so that consumers can better control the quality of their intake. Our present factsheet sums up the main dietary recommendations on fatty acids in Europe. Have a look …